Our client is a young, ambitious team of professional jewelers distinguished by their uniqueness in creating luxurious jewelry with natural motifs.
Precious metal jewelry is aimed at a confident, refined, courageous woman with a subtle sense of fashion and style, not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

The team was faced with the problem that the presentation of the products did not look luxurious; there was a lack of persuasiveness, expression in identity, purification of the name through the style of jewelry being created. It was hard to match the design of the team’s designers by combining them in a seamless fashion.

Our task was to create a visual identity of the company that reflects the main jewelry ideas – modernity, sustainability, quality, luxury, and courage.
The presentation of the products required a complete visual identity – from the logo to the product packaging and the store’s outdoor signs.
The identity is based on fragments of the letter A of the monogrammed logo.
The element of the letter D reflects the symbol of happiness – the horseshoe.
The created texture repeats the motifs of nature that dominate the works, as if in an allusion to a palm branch.
Black and white tones create classic luxury but are “warmed up” in soft pink and milky gray while maintaining femininity.

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