An IT company that develops software and graphic design solutions for Apple products (computers and mobile devices).
The main goal is to create applications for a broad audience that are easy and fun to use.
The team’s focus is on visualizing the presentation of the developed application – titles, keywords, and screenshots.
The released products have few simple yet powerful features that help you get the result you want quickly.
The company focuses on a broad audience – from a student to a lecturer or a person working in management.
The client is emotional and likes to stand out.

During the ten years of operation, the company did not have a self-identifying mark – a logo, yet it stood out with a relatively tangible line of activity.
It was necessary to refine the operating principle, to represent a common goal through a proper logo and a recognizable visual identity.
The company logo had to be associated with IT and e-commerce in the App Store.

Our task was to create an intelligent, minimalistic, powerful logo and identity, “draw” a portrait of the client and help this company convey its reflection in the market.
It had to stand out from the competitors’ logos in form and detail.

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