EVOLUT 4.0 software is designed for early-stage startups to develop an innovative product, increase sales and prepare for the investment phase.

It is 5-stage entrepreneurship and new product development program consisting of global, proven business models and methods such as business model canvas (CANVAS), NABC value proposition formation, technology development plan, design-thinking techniques, and practical application in a unique laboratory. B2B marketing and sales, introduction to investors (Pitch Deck), and more.
The program combines world-renowned and widely used tools for business value, customer profile refinement, development strategy, sales activation, and process improvement across other business areas.
Using the “Design-Thinking” methodology, the development incorporates customer experience, prototyping, testing, and a philosophy of continuous improvement. The result is a clear understanding of the consumer problem, an original solution, and visible processes needed to offer continued innovation to the market.

During the program, a lot of attention is paid to introducing teams to venture capital funds and business mentors. Motivated, open-minded, and innovation-oriented teams are selected for the program.
At the end of the training cycle, teams participating in the acceleration program find out their client’s profile, the market they will operate, and the main competitors. “The goal of the whole program is to ask the right questions, point in the right direction, and encourage actions. Instead of analyzing documents, teams should meet users and determine their needs, even if the product is developed for the B2B market. Once you find out what’s wrong, you can change your product development model and find a product-market fit.

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