In the current business context for large organizations, where automation and tech disruption are creating massive demand for higher cognitive skills and companies are adopting new working methods,
the need for effective leadership development programs is higher than ever. Yet, most change programs fall short of objectives, failing to reach a critical mass of supporters, not
addressing mindset and skill set, and struggling to develop leadership capabilities at all levels of the organization. Boost has been created to enable Leadership development at scale, that is, allow leaders, managers, and their teams to hone their decision-making skills through realistic scenarios and interactive challenges.

Boost is an app that helps managers become better leaders through immersive gamified learning. Instead of passively attending boring management seminars, users interact with 3D characters in real-life role-plays to learn valuable leadership skills.
The Boost training app offers a fun and engaging way to develop leadership skills. With our life-like simulations, we provide a risk-free environment to hone your skills in realistic situations.
There is an opportunity to develop your growth mindset and leadership skills with realistic, memorable role play you can immediately put into practice and increase collaboration and emotional intelligence through continuous learning that helps managers become better leaders. It allows you to evaluate impact with data-backed insights into individual performance, team effectiveness, and capabilities needed for the future.

The best way to develop leadership skills is to experience them firsthand through life-like scenarios with meaningful consequences.
Succeed or fail fast, get feedback, put your skills to the test and try again. It’s the most effective and impactful way to learn today.

Boost has been successfully deployed across large cohorts in different industries and functions.

Our goal was to improve a presentation for the Boost application to represent it for investors.

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